What is PULSEROLLER Technology?

Ai TechnologyAi is a PULSEROLLER patented technology and stands for "Advanced Intelligence." On our Senergy Ai, Pulse Geared Drive Ai, and Pulse Motion Drive Ai, we incorporate a microprocessor inside the motor that holds and processes important data about that motor. Data includes:

Part Number
Serial Number
Manufacturing Date
Actual Motor Temperature
Run Cycle Time
Overload Count
Gearbox Ratio
Motor Positioning Data

With Ai technology, you no longer have to take the roller out of the conveyor frame to see the part number or serial number. With our EasyRoll software, all of this information is a click away. 

A major benefit is a reliable industrial hardened M8 4-pin connector that can be easily routed through the hex hole of the conveyor. You can use standard 4 wire M8 extensions to connect the motor drive to the controller.  This is possible because the microprocessor sends out pulse data over a single wire regarding the hall effect sensor inputs.  

Take a look at all of our Ai products to see if they're right for your next system.

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