SENERGY-Ai Motor Roller

Senergy-Ai motor drive rollers are powerful, efficient, and versatile solutions suitable for virtually any unit handling conveying application. Senergy-Ai MDRs can reach speeds up to 1000 fpm, with a starting torque up to 215 in/lbs.

Senergy-Ai motorized drive rollers feature a combination of speed and power allowing them to be used in lower speed, heavy-duty applications such as pallet handling, as well as for high-speed carton or tote handling.

Senergy MDRs operate at a low 40 dba, quieter than a typical conversation. They utilize a safe and effective 24VDC power supply and consume up to 70% less energy than alternatives.

Senergy's power and efficiency are derived from a unique planetary gearbox design and a powerful brushless DC motor. Senergy features only 11 gearbox combinations. This makes ordering and stocking MDRs much more manageable.
Senergy's range and performance characteristics are suitable for speeds between 6 to 1000 fpm and starting torque up to an amazing 215 in/lbs.

Regardless of the project, type of conveyor, the weight or speed of the load you really only need one type of roller. Senergy!

Senergy-Ai uses a reliable and proven M8 connector which is then connected to an external Ai equipped controller of your choice. The hall-effect signals are digitally coded inside the motor by a micro-controller, which makes it possible to communicate precise rotor position through only one pin in the M8 connector to the external Ai controller. The micro-controller also digitally encodes motor data such as part number, serial number, gear reduction, motor temperature and run time, etc. The external control uses all this data for multiple functions such as positioning control, fault detection and alarms, and to provide data for preventive/predictive maintenance.
  • Robust and unique gearbox design significantly improves life expectancy
  • Provides wide ranges of speed and power using low energy
  • M8 connectors for quick & simple Installation
  • IP54 & IP66 ratings available
  • High torque with up to 50 watts of power
  • Freezer and washdown rated rollers available
  • NSF Rated Washdown rollers available
Senergy-Ai Motor Roller

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  • Reduces Cost and Saves Time
  • Super Compact Design
  • Deterministic Network
  • Collects Important Information
  • Robust M8 Connections
  • CE ETL UL and IP54
  • Roller Drawings
    Bracket Drawings
    Compatible Controls
    Modular & Simple Install

    A conveyor section powered by a single Pulseroller Senergy motor drive roller (MDR) is mechanically linked with just enough free-turning (gravity type) rollers to constitute a controllable zone. This zone is usually not much longer than the item to be conveyed. With the proper control system strategy, an end-user can easily assemble individual MDR zones like building blocks to make zero pressure accumulation conveyor subsystems. Instead of having a single 100-ft. accumulation conveyor with its 5HP, 480-volt gear motor, and its own air feed drop; you now have 10 manageable 10-ft. modular accumulation sections that connect together. You don't have to supply air piping, and your power sourcing can be as simple as plugging into a standard 120-volt household wall receptacle.

    Saves Energy 

    One of the greatest advantages of motorized drive roller conveyors is the fact that, with the proper control system strategy, MDR zones run just 10-50% of your operational time. Contrast this with conventional conveyors which typically run all the time whether they are accumulating product or not. This means you will enjoy significant energy savings with a Senergy MDR. Customers are seeing energy savings from 30 to 70%.


    Our Senergy motorized drive roller is powered by 24 volts DC, and has no major pinch points. It provides just enough motive power and torque to control a short zone, and there is never enough drive power to be considered dangerous. In most cases, you can literally grab a running motorized roller with your bare hand and make it stop with only a handshake grip.


    Conveyor systems powered by Senergy MDRs are much quieter than conventional conveyors. They operate only when necessary and at a quiet 40dB.

    Truly Plug and Play

    The phrase "plug and play" has become ubiquitous in product marketing. Many companies and products promise you plug and play for obvious reasons, but in truth they fail to deliver the plug or the play. When you use Senergy and ConveyLinx together in your motorized drive roller conveyor systems, plug and play becomes a reality.

    Senergy-Ai motor rollers are installed with simple plug in M8 connectors. With our patented installation process, the "play" in many cases is as easy as a mouse click in our EasyRoll software. Taking it a step further, when customizations are necessary, you simply plug in an Ethernet cable to connect ConveyLinx to your PC running EasyRoll.  Simple as can be!

    Reduced Maintenance Costs

    It’s simple. Because our Senergy MDRs run only as needed, there's less wear and tear on components. We use sealed for life bearings, and most of our motors are interchangeable. This means you only have to stock one spare part.  

    Conformance:CE, RoHS, IP54
    Certifications:ETL Listed to UL 1004-1 & UL 1004-6
    Tube Material Options:Zinc Plated Mild Steel, Stainless (SUS304)
    Roller Diameter::48.6 mm (1.9"), 50.0 mm (1.97")
    57.0 mm (2.24"), 60.5 mm (2.38")
    Min. Roller Length:Refer to the "Available minimum roller length" table
    Max. Roller Length:1000 mm
    Cable Length:1000 mm
    Motor Connection:4-Pin M8
    Duty Cycle:0.5 sec ON / 0.5 sec OFF minimum
    Operation:Continuous at rated load/current without overheating

    Technical Data

    ECO ModeBOOST ModeBOOST-8 Mode
    Nominal Output40W50W50W
    Rated current 2.5A3.5A3.5A
    Starting current 3.0A5.0A8.0A
    Ambient temperature -10 ~ 40°C (14 ~ 104°F)
    Ambient humidity 10 ~ 90% RH (No condensation)

    Available Minimum Roller Length (mm)

    Motor TypeSpeed CodeInterlocking option
    Plain straight
    Groove Pulley
    48.6 / 50.0
    15, 20, 25325318325357
    35, 45, 60, 75301294301333
    95, 125, 175, 215 274267274306
    48.6 / 50.0
    15, 20, 25
    35, 45, 60, 75306299306338
    95, 125, 175, 215 279272279311

    Available Speed Codes with Performance Data

    Speed CodeGear BoxReduction RatioECO-Mode
    Torque (N-m)Tangential Force (N)Current (A)
    RatedStartingRatedStartingRated (max)Starting
    153 stage452.0 ~ 19.72.916.3122.2647.62.53.0
    20332.7 ~
    25273.3 ~
    352 stage18.34.8 ~
    45155.9 ~
    60118.0 ~
    7599.8 ~
    951 stage6.8112.9 ~
    125517.6 ~
    1753.624.0 ~
    215329.3 ~
    ¹ Rated Torque and Tangential Force values are the same for BOOST and BOOST-8² BOOST-8 performance only available with EZ-24HTB, ConveyLinx-HTF, ConveyLinx-Ai2, and MotionLinx-Ai controllers
    Speed CodeGear BoxReduction RatioBOOST & BOOST-8 Mode¹ ²
    Torque (N-m)Tangential Force (N)Current (A)
    RatedBOOST StartingBOOST-8 StartingRatedBOOST StartingBOOST-8 StartingRated (max)BOOST StartingBOOST-8 Starting
    153 stage452.0 ~ 14.35.421.324.3222.2879.61000.
    20332.7 ~ 19.53.915.617.7162.6643.8732.0
    25273.3 ~
    352 stage18.34.8 ~
    45155.9 ~
    60118.1 ~
    7599.8 ~
    951 stage6.8112.9 ~
    125517.6 ~
    1753.624.0 ~
    215329.3 ~

    Ingress Protection: IP54 (IP66 for Wash Down Models)

    Use our contact page to be directed to the correct sales channel.

    Senergy Part Number Definition
    Need help? Contact our product specialists TODAY!




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