Ethernet Networked Digital IO

ConveyLinx-IO is our Ethernet based Digital I/O module that compliments our ConveyLinx-Ai family motor controllers to round out a complete networked based integration platform.  ConveyLinx-IO contains 8 I/O points that can each be configured individually to be an input or an output.

  • Each IO Point is individually configurable to be an Input or Output
  • Any IO Point configured as an Input will auto-detect PNP or NPN device output
  • Compact design that matches ConveyLinx-Ai family size and footprint
  • Separate power connection for digital outputs for E-Stop isolation
  • IP54 Environmental Rating
  • Automatically recognizes Ethernet-IP, Profinet-IO, Modbus-TCP, and CC-Link IE Field Basic protocols

Hardware Features

  • Provides control for 1 or 2 ZPA Zones or acts as an 4 In /2 Out Dual Motor control remote I/O unit to a PLC 
  • 3-Port Ethernet switch with standard RJ-45 ports for easy daisy chaining of network cables from controller
  • (2) 4 Pin M8 style ports for Senergy-Ai Technology equipped motor rollers and drives
  • (2) 4-Pin M8 style ports for easy plug and play connections for sensors and interlock signals
  • 6 Tri-colored context sensitive LED indicators
  • CE Certified, RoHS Compliant, IP54 Environmental Rating
  • UL Recognized and ETL Listed

Functionality Features

  • Auto-Configuration from network topology view in EasyRoll or EasyRoll+ for up to 221 controllers on a network
  • Automatic control module replacement without external PC or software
  • Auto detection and configuration of single zone and 2 motors in one logical zone per controller
  • Auto detection of PNP or NPN sensors and light/dark operate when configured for ZPA control
  • Thermal and overload motor protection plus optional Proportional-Integral regulated motor speed control
  • Motor speed and ramp parameters and ZPA adjustments accessible with EasyRoll or EasyRoll+ Configuration Software
  • Automatic Flex-Zone and jam detection recognition and recovery while in ZPA mode 

Integration Features

  • Recognizes Ethernet I/P, Modbus TCP, Profinet I/O, and CC-Link IE Field Basic protocols on the same controller
  • In PLC I/O Mode, can be used as remote motor and I/O control with most all Ethernet equipped PLCs
  • Motor speed and performance parameters can be dynamically controlled at run time with remote PLC
  • Automatically tracks data for each item on the conveyor in ZPA mode and can make data available to PLC
  • Custom programmable with ConveyLogix software to act as a stand alone controller or can be integrated with PLCs
  • Parameters and settings for multiple networks of controllers can be backed up, saved, and restored with EasyRoll


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