Senergy-Ai-48 Features:
  • 50 Watt Rated Performance
  • 118 Watt Peak Performance
  • Requires ConveyLinx-Ai2-48 or
    ConveyLinx-Ai3-FC-48 controllers
  • Pulse Gear Drive (PGD) also available
  • Available for PDU-90 and PPU units

48V Motor Drive Roller

Double voltage – multiple advantages

With a 48V supply voltage, the established Senergy-Ai motorized roller reaches a new level of performance with the new Senergy-Ai-48 model. This model is based upon the same established, reliable, and proven mechanical components as all other Senergy models. This combination of known and proven mechanical design coupled with the performance and efficiency of 48V operation produce an impressive and exceptional product for the motorized roller conveyor industry.

Available Models:
  • Freezer Rated
  • Dual Drive in single tube
  • Wash-Down Rated
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The Senergy-Ai-48 utilizes the same proven and patented Ai technology controller connectivity as 24V Senergy-Ai with all of the features and advantages it affords.

Senergy-Ai-48 motor rollers are available as options for PDU-90 transfers and PPU-30/45 diverter units. The Senergy-Ai-48 engine is also available in our convenient PGD package

When used in conjunction with either the ConveyLinx-Ai2-48 or ConveyLinx-Ai3-48-FC controllers, the use of 48V supply when compared with 24V supply can offer the following advantages:

  • Significantly increased torque of the drive for stronger acceleration of heavy goods and higher throughput
  • More precise and smooth acceleration due to high power output for better controllability of the drive when positioning and braking
  • Larger and more powerful PDU-90 transfers with increased length and quantity of belt units

48V Control Architecture also provides:
  • By essentially decreasing the current load by 50%, power cables from the supply unit to the controllers can either be smaller gauge conductors or be significantly longer which can reduce the cost and increase flexibility in installation
  • Reduction in the number of power supply units required for a given application can result in cost savings in  procurement, cabling, and installation

Roller Drawings

CAD drawings are formatted ANSI B size and pdf drawings are formatted ANSI A size

Senergy Roller, 1.9", Dual Groove, Non Threaded Hex Shaft, Spring Loaded End Shaft.

Senergy Roller, 1.9", Micro-V Hub, Non Threaded Hex Shaft, Spring Loaded End Shaft.

Senergy Roller, 1.9", Plain Straight - No Interlocking, Non Threaded Hex Shaft, Spring Loaded End Shaft.

Senergy Roller, 1.9", Round Groove Pulley, Non Threaded Hex Shaft, Spring Loaded End Shaft.

Bracket Drawings

Senergy/Senergy-Ai Motor Fixing Bracket, Standard Flat Up
Same drawing for PR-WD-30H-FU-N Stainless Washdown version

Senergy/Senergy-Ai Motor Fixing Bracket, Short Flat Up
Same drawing for PR-WD-30H-FU-NT Stainless Washdown version

Senergy/Senergy-Ai Motor Fixing Bracket, Standard Point Up
Same drawing for PR-WD-30H-PU-N Stainless Washdown version

Senergy/Senergy-Ai Motor Fixing Bracket, Short Point Up
Same drawing for PR-WD-30H-PU-N-ST Stainless Washdown version

Senergy/Senergy-Ai Idler End Fixing Bracket, Standard Point Up

Compatible Controls & Accessories

Senergy-Ai Technology (4-Pin M8 Motor Connector)


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