MotionLinx-Ai Advanced Intelligence Drive Control

MotionLinx-Ai is our EtherCat two zone high speed controller. Designed for a wide variety of applications in the conveying and machine building industries, it can drive two Senergy-Ai or PGD-Ai drives. A maximum of four sensors can also be connected via two M8 Connectors.

No proprietary software is required to use MotionLinx Ai and it follows the specified standard for EtherCAT networking. Connect a master PC/PLC and quickly gain control over every MotionLinx card in the system.  Write your own logicWrite your own logic via an EtherCAT PLC to control your low voltage controller with the extremely fast and stable EtherCAT network.  Preventive maintenance data can also be retrieved from MotionLinx-Ai by SDO data transfer.

Due to its small footprint, MotionLinx-Ai can be integrated in virtually all environments extremely easy. It shares the exact same foot print as ConveyLinx-Ai2 making it perfect for standardization on small or low height conveyor side frames even if a protection rating of IP54 is required.

MotionLinx-Ai opens the world of deterministic high-speed bus control to PULSEROLLER - sharing those network benefits along with the great benefits of the Ai technology.
MotionLinx Ai
  • 2 zones per module reduces cost and saves time
  • Super compact design
  • Real-time applications with fast communications
  • Automatically reads motor connected for important information
  • Connect to an EtherCAT PLC for complete control over MotionLinx Ai
  • 4 Pin M8 standard connectors 
  • Deterministic Networking for motor driven rollers
  • Drives All PULSEROLLER motors

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  • Reduces Cost and Saves Time
  • Super Compact Design
  • Deterministic Network
  • Collects Important Information
  • Robust M8 Connections
  • CE ETL UL and IP54
  • Reduces Time and Cost:

    With M8 robust connectors, it is truly plug and play.  A single network wire is connected to the most upstream module, and you gain complete and full access to every module downstream via a daisy chained network.

    EasyRoll Software also saves you loads of time due to the ease of configuring each motor zone.

    Uses a Deterministic Network 

    Deterministic networks aim to migrate time-critical high-reliability industrial control to packet networks and the IP in particular.  It’s great for industrial machines with time critical data, and boosts production rates by using real time networks.  In applications where even a millisecond could be the difference between hundreds or thousands of dollars it's clear why you'd choose a deterministic network over others.

    Compactly Designed:

    You can fit it in spaces never before right on the machine. More efficient use of space gives you plenty of room for other necessary components.

    - Part number: MotionLinx-Ai (For SENERGY-Ai motor)
    - CE certified, RoHS compliant, IP54 rated
    -ETL Certified to UL Standards (Optional)
    - Baud rate: 100Mbps
    - 2 Zones control (Up to 2 sensors and 2 motors connections)
    - Both NPN/PNP photo-eye sensor applicable
    - Motor error detection (Overload, Over-current, motor not connected)
    - Precision repeatable motion

    Technical data

    Voltage range
    18 - 28V
    Rated current 5.2A (Eco), 7.2A (Boost) *Two Motors
    Starting current 6.0A (Eco), 10.0A (Boost) *Two Motors
    • Robust and Unique Gearbox Design significantly improves life expectancy
    • Provides wide ranges of Speed and Power using Low Energy
    • JST Cabling for Simple Installation and Robust Cable Routing, IP54
    • CE Approved
    • ROHS Compliant
    • ETL Certified to UL Standards Available
    • IP54 & IP66 Ratings Available
    • ETL Certified to UL Standards Available
    • High Torque Rollers Available
    • Freezer and Wash-Down Rated Rollers Available
    • Mechanical Braking Available

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