• EtherCat Motor Roller Control
  • Capable of Driving all PULSEROLLER Motors
  • Deterministic Communications
  • IP54, CE, ETL certified to UL Standards

MotionLinx-Ai - Advanced Intelligence Drive Control





  • 2- Zone Per Module Reduces Cost and Saves Time
  • Super Compact Design
  • Real Time Applications w/ Fast Communications
  • Automatically Reads Motor Connected for Important Information
  • Connect to a EtherCAT PLC For Complete Control Over MotionLinx-Ai
  • 4 Pin M8 Standard Connectors 
  • EtherCat Network for a Deterministic Network
  • CE,  ETL Certified to UL Standards, and IP54 Rated

Overview of MotionLinx-Ai - Advanced Drive Control over EtherCat

MotionLinx-Ai is PULEROLLER EtherCat two zone high speed controller.  Designed for a wide variety of applications in the conveying and machine building industries, it can drive two Senergy-Ai or PGD-Ai drives.  A maximum of four sensors can also be connected via two M8 Connectors.

No proprietary software is required and this product follows all of EtherCAT standards.  Write your own logic via a EtherCAT PLC to control your low voltage controller with the extremely fast and stable EtherCAT network.  Preventive maintenance data can also be retrieved from MotionLinx-Ai by SDO data transfer.

Due to it's small footprint, MotionLinx-Ai can be integrated in virtually all environments extremely easy.  MotionLinx-Ai shares the outer dimensions with ConveyLinx-Ai2 making it perfect for standardization on low height installations even if you need a protection rating of IP54.

MotionLinx-Ai opens the world of deterministic high speed bus control to all PULSEROLLER products - sharing their great benefits like Ai technology, durability and excellent design.

In many conveyor applications the need for additional I/O points is typically required with Motor Roller Zone conveyor system. MotionLinx-I/O easily integrates into an existing MotionLinx-Ai system giving you 8 additional configurable inputs and outputs.  Using a standard M8 connector with a standard pin out finding the right sensor and cable is easily accomplished.  All necessary files can be found in the download section of PULSEROLLER com.


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