ConveyLinx is PULSEROLLER’s advanced high end networked Motor Drive controller which provides many innovative features for Zero Pressure Accumulation or ANY application utilizing low voltage brushless DC motors.


  • Low Profile Design
  • ZPA Logic built in to save time on commissioning
  • Capable of Driving all PULSEROLLER Motors
  • On-board PLC feature - Write your own program.
  • Ethernet connections to most major brand PLC's and PC's
  • M8 Standard 4 Pin Connectors

ConveyLinx-Ai2 - Advanced Intelligence Drive Control


  • 24V Motor Drive Roller (MDR) Control System
  • 2- Zone Per Module Reduces Cost and Saves Time
  • ZPA Logic Built In for Quick Installation
  • Automatically Reads Motor Connected for Important Information
  • Seamless Integration with ConveyLinx and ConveyLinx-IO
  • Capable of PLC Logic for Special Conveyor Applications
  • 4 Pin M8 Standard Connectors 
  • Ethernet Networked for All Major PLC Suppliers
  • CE,  ETL Certified to UL Standards, and IP54 Rated
  • ODVA Ethernet I/P conformance tested
  • Profinet conformance tested

Overview of ConveyLinx-Ai - Advanced Drive Control Solution

ConveyLinx, The most powerful Controller within the PULSEROLLER family. ConveyLinx can give you in-depth control of every possible Motor Driven Roller application available.

Out of the box, ConveyLinx is a zero pressure accumulation controller for either two Senergy Motors or Pulse Gear Drives. This is accomplished by connecting two drive motors, two sensors, supplementary I/O, and a Standard Cat5 Shielded ethernet cable to the next downstream card.

After wiring is completed, you must install the free downloadable software package  EasyRoll.  After installation, a PC is connected to the first or last ConveyLinx card by using a standard Ethernet cable. EasyRoll then initiates automatic addressing and configuration for Zero Pressure Accumulation operations of each card connected. Further changes to the configuration can also be accomplished by using EasyRoll. There is a wide range of parameters that can be adjusted, for example, all timers, roller speed, acceleration and deceleration, the direction of transportation, and many more features only found in ConveyLinx.

When it comes to more complex conveyors, ConveyLinx can be directly connected to most major brand PLC's using ProfiNet, Modbus, or EthernetIP. All required GSD and EDS files are available. Once a PLC is connected it may take control over any and every zone in the conveyor system if required.  There are certain levels of “Control” a PLC can use such as “ZPA Mode” which allows you basic control over the system such as motor speed, accumulation points, and tracking.  There is also a PLC mode that gives you access to every single I/O and register available on the card which effectively turns the card into a motor starter and I/O block. ConveyLinx Ethernet capabilities also allow for EthernetIP and ModbusTCP as well giving you many more options for PLC connectivity.

ConveyLinx also supports internal Tracking for your ZPA system.  Tracking Data can be passed from Zone to Zone automatically as products travel down the conveyor system. If there are complex mechanical control on the Conveyor such as Pushers, transfers, mergers, or diverters, then you can use the internal tracking to make the appropriate decision.

When the conveyor is fully configured and ready for operation, a backup of all parameters and settings can be made to save them for further use. However, this backup file is not required for later adjustments or changes to the conveyor. All further changes and adjustments only need an installed version of EasyRoll on the laptop.


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