PulseRoller - SE3 Module - Did you know?

Did you know with the ERSC-SE3 Module...


  • You can “break-out” the RJ12 port on an ERSC to screw terminals for easier access to inputs and outputs of the Convelinx card.


  • You can amplify the output on an ERSC control port from 2mA to 200mA which gives you the ability to power solenoids, starters, stacklights, and PLC inputs.


  • You can easily install or uninstall diodes (default state) on the SE3 without any extra hardware by simply moving jumpers on the SE3.  The diodes are used for installations where leakage current from a solid state device (such as an output card on a PLC or an inductive sensor) continuously leaks current back into the ERSC module.  This leakage may keep pin 3 or pin 4 of the ERSC’s sensor/control ports to remain in an "on" state at all times.  The diodes block this leakage current.


  • The SE3 does NOT require an external 24VDC to operate.  The 24VDC terminals are a convenience to power a sensor or device that will signal an ERSC card input.  If you connect an external 24VDC to the SE3, the ERSC card will stay powered on even after disconnecting the ERSC’s input power.


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