Power Up Your Automation with a Pulse Geared Drive from Pulseroller

Pulse Geared DriveReplace Your Pneumatics and AC Drives in Conveyor or Automation Applications

The Pulse Geared Drive (PGD) is a versatile motor drive designed to transform your conveyor and automation applications.

Unleash Precision Control:

  • Achieve servo-like performance with pinpoint accuracy and repeatability.
  • Navigate intricate transfers, lifts, and diverters with ease.
  • Confidently handle demanding tasks requiring high-grade motion control.

Effortless Integration:

  • Seamlessly blend the PGD into your existing conveyor systems.
  • Leverage the familiar network used by our Senergy Motor Drive Rollers for unified control.
  • Minimize downtime and disruption with a straightforward implementation process.
  • Washdown model available.

Built to Last, Made to Save:

  • Rock-solid design withstands even the harshest environments.
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting, reliable operation.
  • Energy-efficient technology reduces your operating costs and environmental impact.

Same PGD, New Look (For existing customers)

  • New Housing Design in Q1 2024.
  • Identical performance, quality, and reliability as legacy products.
  • Same mounting footprint and threaded hole.
  • Same part numbers and ordering procedures.

The Pulse Geared Drive: More than just a motor, it's a smarter solution.

Contact us today to discover how the PGD can elevate your automation and unlock a new level of efficiency.

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