Introducing ConveyLogix

Most all of our customers know that ConveyLinx is a great 2 zone ZPA controller and a somewhat smaller number know that you can put a ConveyLinx or ConveyNetIP module in PLC I/O mode and use a remote PLC to control the I/O and motors on the module. There is a 3rd way to utilize ConveyLinx or ConveyNetIP and that is by writing your own logic program and downloading it directly to a ConveyLinx module. You can do this with our complimentary ConveyLogix development software available from our website at

With ConveyLogix, you can write your own ladder diagram or structured text logic code that has direct access to the ConveyLinx
module's port I/O and motor control. You essentially have an 8 input, 2 logical output, and 2 full functioning BLDC motor connections all on one programmable module.

ConveyLogix also has built-in access to upstream and downstream status and tracking data so you can seamlessly fit a module with your custom ConveyLogix program into networks with other ConveyLinx ZPA modules. For example, you could create your own MDR transfer program and insert it into a line of ZPA controlled modules and if you write your program interfaces correctly, the ZPA modules will react to your custom program as if they were interfacing with another ZPA module.

Another powerful feature of ConveyLogix control is that you have access to our "Servo Control" functions for both motor ports. With Servo Control functions, you can make precise motor movements based upon Hall Sensor pulse count with repeatable accuracy to +/- 1 pulse. An application of this could be to use an MDR to raise and lower a mechanism without requiring up or down sensors for positioning.

These are just a few of the possible applications that you can solve at no extra cost when utilizing ConveyLinx modules with ConveyLogix programming software. Visit and download the ConveyLogix programming environment and take it for a spin. And as always, you can contact us and we would be happy to provide sample programs that illustrate some of these features.

If you have questions or would like to see a specific Pat's Corner let us know at , by phone at (800-764-6356) or you can find me on Google+ to discuss.