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Today is a Great Day

I have been walking a lot lately for exercise. I have a Fitbit that counts your steps and I have been bitten by the bug of seeing how many I can accumulate in a day. The other day I got up before dawn to walk the dog. On my route, I passed one of our local elementary schools. The lights were on in one of the classrooms and as I walked by I saw the

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Getting Direction Bit by Bit

If you are reading this, then you understand that written English language flows from left to right across the page. Although second nature to us English language folks, this left to right flow is more or less arbitrary as far as world languages go.

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The Big Man Can’t Shoot

I have been walking a lot lately. Some days listening to music just doesn’t cut it and I turn to podcasts. One of my favorites is “Revisionist History” by Malcolm Gladwell (of the book Outliers fame). He examines interesting items from the past and sees how they have stood up to the test of time, then challenges our perceptions of what really

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Sneaker Net

When will the bandwidth of the internet surpass that of FedEx?

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The Autobahn Equivalence

I recently traveled to Germany to attend a material handling trade show.  Due to the quirky economics of air travel, I had to get there a day early to avoid a “stupid insane” ticket price as opposed to the “normally exorbitant” price we pay Delta here in Cincinnati.  A light bulb in my head went off and the idea of taking advantage of

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