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PULSEROLLER - Global Motor Roller Technologies

PULSEROLLER has successfully entered the European market with the most innovative 
selection of low voltage 24VDC Motor Rollers and Controls ever seen in the Materials 
Handling Industry. 

Over the past 8 years the PULSEROLLER brand has been gaining strength and a large 
market share globally such as the United States, Asia, South America, Africa, and many 
other locations around the world with hundreds of thousands of Drives and Control 
products installed. 

We are excited to announce we have entered the European Union market with full Sales, 
Technical Support, and Manufacturing capabilities in multiple locations such as Germany, 
Bulgaria, and the UK. 

PULSEROLLER consist of a team of top notch electrical and mechanical experts in the 
Materials Handling Industry. The PULSEROLLER team has an extensive history of developing 
low voltage electrical controls and powerful motor rollers designed with End Users and 
OEM’s in mind. Through innovative research and development, continuous testing, and 
top level quality control procedures PULSEROLLER is now the simple choice for your Motor 
Driven Roller and Control solutions. 

The PULSEROLLER brand consists of a variety of SENERGY Motor Driven Rollers of various 
diameters and configurations, Geared Drive Motors, and Specialty Rollers. Controls 
solutions consist of the most advanced Ethernet networked drive controller in the world, 
a simple mid-level “plug and play” ZPA controller, various simple drive card controllers, 
and other optional components to assemble and implement motor driven roller 
conveyors and systems. 

With our successful showing at CeMat in May 2014 we look forward to providing the 
world the best Motor Drive Rollers and Control Technologies available anywhere.


, or contact us via email or phone. (800-764-6356)