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Exceeding Customer Expectations Situates PULSEROLLER Above Competition

Exceeding Customer Expectations Situates PULSEROLLER Above Competition

CINCINNATI, March 10, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- If you're designing or commissioning a conveyor system, you may have noticed a certain brand of rollers and controllers that has become increasingly popular. PULSEROLLER is the brand name for a complete family of 24-volt DC, motorized drive roller products and controls that has been steadily gaining a fan base in the conveyor OEM, packaging OEM, and overall materials handling market. PULSEROLLER is known for not only offering great value in terms of what you get for your money, but for also staying in touch with evolving customer demands.

What are those customer demands and how is PULSEROLLER meeting them? Let's look at a few.

Customers Want Simplified Choices

The overall complexity of logistics systems continues to increase. Companies need help containing the complexity and are asking for assistance. PULSEROLLER helps simplify purchasing, engineering, and commissioning processes by minimizing the gearbox configuration in a motor-drive roller and the associated controls. Competitors may have 50 to 100 different motor/gearbox configurations. PULSEROLLER only has 11. To simplify it further, of those 11 configurations, 95% of the applications in the materials handling industry are often handled by less than two gearbox configurations.

Further, the unique Senergy motor--designed to provide higher output torque and speed with minimal electrical energy and sound--lets the user select the motor profile for economical, standard, or extreme duty motor applications all using the same motor engine. This enables the integrator to simplify ordering equipment, building conveyor, and spare parts requirements.

Customers Need More Affordable Options so They Can Stay CompetitiveIn order to stay competitive, companies are having to offer lower price points. In order to do that, they have to eliminate waste and cut costs including how they develop conveyor systems for material handling systems and packaging equipment.

For example, a typical servo installation provides very precise control over an application within fractions of a millimeter but cost thousands and thousands of dollars. PULSEROLLER offers a method that costs less than $300 per axis of motion with less than a millimeter of precision using Senergy motor rollers and Pulse Geared Drive. ConveyLinx is the advanced high-end Ethernet zero pressure motor-drive controller. There are several different software tools available for engineering and commissioning a ConveyLinx system. EasyRoll is used for simple Zero Pressure configuration; for complex systems ConveyLogix can be used to write your own custom program or connect any major brand PLC to the Ethernet network for total control of ConveyLinx.

One powerful feature of ConveyLinx control is that you have access to its "Servo-Like Control" functions for two 24-volt DC drives per card. With Servo control functions, you can read or write precise motor movements based upon the motor's hall effect sensor pulse count with repeatable accuracy to +/- 1 pulse. With certain gearboxes configurations it's possible to obtain more than a 1,000 pulses per revolution. Yet you're paying a fraction of the cost for a real Servo motor and drive system! Although there are endless different applications that can take advantage of this feature, an example could be to use an MDR to raise or lower a mechanism without requiring up or down sensors for positioning.

Customers Need Advanced, Modern SolutionsThe very custom nature of industrial conveyor systems causes them to often be large, expensive, and time-consuming to install. To expand the life of the system, customers need the most advanced, up-to-date components including rollers and controls. From a technology perspective, PULSEROLLER ConveyLinx controller is proven to be more than seven years ahead of the most competitive solutions. Yet, it is comparably priced to most of the subpar standard low-level, ZPA-only solutions.

PULSEROLLER Senergy is quite impressive as well, providing advanced technology that can fit the needs of various material handling processes. For example, one of its gearbox combinations is capable of up to 11 miles per hour or 1,000 feet per minute in speed. It also has a pallet roller capable of moving more than 4,000 pounds.

Customers Continue to Demand Lower Energy Consumption

The manufacturing sector has been successful in lowering its energy bill. It decreased its total energy consumption by 17% from 2002 to 2010, according to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration's Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey. Yet manufacturing gross output decreased by only three percent over the same period, indicating a significant decline in the amount of energy used per unit of gross manufacturing output. Despite this success, the manufacturing sector continues to look for ways to further lower its energy usage. One way PULSEROLLER helps its customers save energy is with its advanced motor rollers and controllers. You can select the amount of power and speed as required for your roller in the controller, therefore saving energy. A bonus benefit: it also significantly lowers the amount of items needed in the manufacturers' inventory room.

Experience Still ReignsLastly, sales and technical support matter. PULSEROLLER sales team and technical support personnel have been involved in the conveyor and motorized roller industries for an average of 24 years.

To learn more about PULSEROLLER, visit its website at //www.pulseroller.com or email our sales team at sales@pulseroller.com.

Media Contact: David Sellers, PULSEROLLER, 859-647-1111, dsellers@insightautomation.cc

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