Senergy® MDRs Can Handle Virtually Any Unit Handling Application

Senergy RollersAt the risk of sounding boastful, we’ll just come out and say it. Our popular (around the world) Senergy motor drive rollers are the most powerful, efficient, and versatile MDRs available on the market today. They can reach speeds up to 1000 fpm and have a starting torque of up to 215 in/lbs, a combination of speed and power that allows them to be used in lower speed, heavy-duty applications such as pallet handling, as well as for high-speed carton or tote handling. They’re truly suitable for virtually any unit handling conveying application. They operate at a low 40 dba, quieter which is the level of a typical conversation, and they utilize a safe and effective 24VDC power supply that consumes up to 60% less energy than alternatives.

Senergy’s power and efficiency are derived from a unique planetary gearbox design and a powerful brushless DC motor. Typically used in zero pressure accumulation or roller transportation applications, Senergy features only 11 gearbox combinations. This makes ordering and stocking MDRs much more manageable.

We offer a base Senergy model as well as the Senergy Ai (Advanced Intelligence). The base model is designed for use with JST connectors and utilizes eight wires for connection to the control card, while the Ai works with M8-style connectors and uses just four wires for connecting to the controller.

A microprocessor inside the Ai model stores and processes critical data about the motor, including its part number, serial number, manufacturing date, actual motor temperature, run cycle time, overload count, gearbox ratio and motor positioning data. All of this data is available via our free to download EasyRoll software or over the Ethernet Network.

“Come back next month to learn about the revolutionary way Senergy MDR’s are controlled. A multi-tasking controller driving multiple motors, offering various intelligent configurations out of the box, a programmable logic engine for customizations, and all with over 4 different Industrial Ethernet Networks. “