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What if you could bring a potential customer in and show them the most complex applications of your technology in one place, answer their questions by showing them how it actually works and focus them on the potential solutions to their unique materials handling issues? You'd need a huge warehouse and hours (perhaps days) to configure what might meet their needs - right? It would be expensive and would use uptime and resources that could be better used in other areas - right? WRONG!

"We have won projects by bringing the end users in.", says Tim Barnes of Insight Automation. Tim is talking about the R&D Center at Insight - located right on the premises. "We showcase our products on multiple conveyors - we can show its features and flexibility."

What about the Research and Development side of the R&D Center? Just ask David Sellers, Production Manager at Insight. He says it is great to be able to bring customers in and show them what can be done and he does -but you better put it on the calendar! David had to create a calendar specifically for the Center so that he could accomplish the work of helping to create new product or conveyor applications, testing customer specific conveyor applications, all the while ensuring the Demo is in working order when our sales team comes in to show the technology to a prospect.

"As an engineer, I find the R&D Center to be one of the best tools I've ever worked with," says David."I can tinker as much as I want, take as much time to learn the product and work as a team with our clients and prospects to create their vision. This gives us a great tool for hands on testing in a real world environment."

So, should we suggest a name change for the Insight facility? The Research Experiment New Development and Sales or TRENDS Center?