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The PULSEROLLER (Booth #S4239)  encompasses the most powerful rollers and smartest controls in the industry to solve your toughest materials handling challenges.  Come see us in Chicago from April 3 to the 6.  PULSEROLLER will showcase the brand’s wide range of DC Motor Rollers and our latest innovations designed for the European and Asian markets to now be introduced into the US. Click here to locate us at the Show!


Senergy Ai
The low voltage Motor Roller which offers the widest ranges of speed and torque in the market today.  Our latest patent pending IP54 roller is a 4-Pin M8 connector for connecting to our IP54 controls.  The 4th pin uses digital coding for the hall effect signal, serial number, motor history, gearbox type and much more.  The Senergy Motor Roller also addresses a wide range of needs such as tapered sleeves, dual grooves, poly-v, sprockets, mechanical brake, wash down specifications and much more. 


MotionLinx Ai

MotionLinx Ai is PULSEROLLERs's EtherCat two zone high speed controller.  Designed for a wide variety of applications in the conveying and machine building industries, it can drive two Senergy Ai or PGD Ai drives.  A maximimu of four sensors can also be connected via two M8 Connectors.


ConveyLinx, The most powerful Controller within the PULSEROLLER family. ConveyLinx can give you in-depth control of every possible Motor Driven Roller application available. This updated design of our standard Conveylinx now comes with an IP54 Rating, ODVA EthernetIP Conformance, and Robust 4Pin M8 Connectors for the sensors and motor connections all in a much smaller form factor.

EQUBE and EZ24
A low cost drive card to run low voltage DC brushless motors via digital inputs for forward or reverse.  Controls speed and motor selections with dipswitches.


The Pulse Divert Unit is a well proven right angle transfer design using robust and reliable technology.  Every Pulse Divert Unit is specifically configured based upon your needs and your unique application.  The PDU 90 will fit your application every time.


Over 850 exhibitors from industry, commerce and government will display their supply chain solutions and innovations on the 350,000 square foot show floor.

Material Handling Equipment and Systems: Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems, Casters/Wheels/Tires, Hydraulic and Electrical Components and Controls, Robots, Personnel/Burden Carriers, Racks, Forklifts, Batteries, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Unit Handling Systems, Conveyors and Sortation Equipment, Ergonomic and Safety Equipment, Scissor Lifts, Order Picking, Carousels, Modular Drawer Storage, Tool Handling, Shelving and Workstations.


PULSEROLLER is the brand name for a superior family of 24VDC Motorized Drive Roller products and controls.  PULSEROLLER’s brand consists of a variety of motor driven rollers of various diameters and configurations, GearDrives, the most advanced Ethernet networked drive controllers, and various other components required to assemble and implement MDR Conveyor and Zero Pressure Conveyor Systems. Our customers understand and appreciate that PULSEROLLER provides excellent quality, great savings and tremendous capabilities while providing great service and support at every phase of their projects.

Global Marketing: David Sellers
Email: dsellers@insightautomation.cc
Phone:  +1(859)647-8940
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