Stop the Extra Engineering Work

Preassembled unit handles 90-degree conveying right out of the box.90-degree conveying

Let's be frank. Engineering a 90-degree angle for a conveying system is hard. It's more than just a conveyor; it's a machine. Like many machines, it requires significant engineering efforts to get it right. If you're a smaller equipment builder or system integrator, it may cost you more to engineer it than your customer is willing to pay.


That's where the PDU-90 steps in. Introduced by PulseRoller in 2015, this pulse divert unit is preassembled with controls prewired and tested. It's used wherever a direction change of 90 degrees is required, such as sorting into a shipping lane or workstation, or when a 90-degree corner is required in a layout.


The Benefits of PDU-90


It saves you time and money.

PDU-90 reduces your engineering and design efforts, which means less costly overhead. Units are delivered complete, tested, and ready to install right from the shipping box. 


It's easy to install.

The assembly's transfer unit is engineered to fit your client's conveyor hardware, making it easy to install. PDU-90's compact design seamlessly integrates with PulseRoller applications as well as other common conveyor systems.  There is no need for additional controls or pneumatics.


It's powerful.

The PDU-90 has a high rate of throughput and is programmable using PulseRoller's ConveyLogix software and ConveyLinx Ai2 module. For example, it can transfer up to 25 to 30 cartons in one application and even more depending on sizes, weights of the product, or the way product conveys onto the diverter unit.


It's hardy.

PDU-90 has been updated this year to include the newest PulseRoller's  technology: the ConveyLinx Ai2 controller. This controller is compact, precise, and IP54 rated, which means it's dust tight and incidental water safe.   

PDU-90 has been installed in more than 700 conveyors across the US, Asia and Europe. In each instance, it helped lower the cost of engineering and cut design and commissioning time, significantly freeing up valuable resources and keeping you competitive.


Save on engineering cost and time with the PulseRoller PDU-90!