Reversing Zero Pressure Accumulation

Conveylinx's EasyRoll Software has many features and one of those is to transform (insert cool Transformers sound here) standard Zero Pressure Accumulation into "Bi-Directional or Reversing Conveyor". This beneficial feature can be found in the ConveyLinx Advanced Dialog under the tab "Look Ahead and Timing". With this feature a Conveyor can be made Bi-Directional with a few simple connections.

  1. Open EasyRoll, goto node 1 (most upstream zone), press F2, then select "Look Ahead and Timing" tab. At the bottom of the page you will see the check box for "Enable Reversing Conveyor Control on Upstream Control Port". Select it.

  2. Connect a ERSC-SE3 or ERSC-SE2 breakout module to the most upstream control port on your network.

  3. Connect pin 3, “Accumulate”, and +24 (or GND for NPN) to a maintained N.O. switch.

  4. Connect pin 4, “Direction”, and +24 (or GND for NPN) to a maintained N.O. switch.

  5. When ready, switch the conveyor to “Accumulate” by shorting your common source to pin3.

  6. Once all loads have accumulated, activate the “Direction” switch by shorting your common source to pin4.

  7. Finally, the conveyor will release in the opposite direction once pin3 common is no longer shorted to GND or +24VDC.

  8. To switch the direction again follow steps 5-7.


Please note that when using this functionality the "Wake-Up PE" feature is not available. The "Lane Full PE" feature is available but only in 1 direction.


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