Pallet Handling Motor Drive Roller

Our safe and reliable pallet handling motor rollers are designed to be easily integrated into new or existing pallet conveyor systems. You can efficiently replace AC motor gearbox style pallet conveyor with all its centralized controls, in favor of a simple Pallet Motor Roller. Its distributed control architecture is more cost-effective and requires much less maintenance.

Our pallet handling motor rollers can reach up to 70" between frame dimensions and drive up to 2700 lbs of weight. Speeds range from 10M/ minute to 25M/ minute. The pallet handing motor roller will use ConveyLinx or EZ24 high torque cards to provide you with the most current for the heavier loads.

Attachments for the pallet handling motor roller include but are not limited to sprocket, keyway, timing pulley and much more.

  • Safe and efficient 24VDC power
  • Reliable gearbox design that's heat-treated and reinforced steel
  • Highly efficient, powerful motor improves life expectancy
  • Moves up to 2700 lbs
  • 9-pin JST connector for simple and cost-effective Installation
  • IP54 and IP66 wash down rated
  • Senergy engine inside!
  • Compact design
  • Dual geared pallet - double the torque
  • 2.25 ,2 3/8 and 2.5"
MotionLinx Ai

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  • Reduces Cost and Saves Time
  • Super Compact Design
  • Deterministic Network
  • Collects Important Information
  • Robust M8 Connections
  • CE ETL UL and IP54
  • Compatible Controls
    Compatible Controls

    Powered by Senergy, our Pallet Motor Roller will move up to 2700 lbs. 

    Easily Installed

    Available with either the Senergy 9-Pin JST style engine or the Senergy-Ai 4-Pin M8 style engine.

    CE, RoHS, IP54
    Certifications:ETL Listed to UL 1004-1 & UL 1004-6
    Tube Material Options: 
    Zinc Plated Mild Steel, Stainless (SUS304)
    Available Roller Diameters:60.5 mm (2.38”), 63.5 mm (2.5”)
    Min. Tube Length:450 mm
    Max. Tube Length:1800 mm
    Cable Length:
    600 mm (SENERGY) / 1000 mm (SENERGY-Ai)

    Motor Connection: 9-Pin JST (SENERGY) / 4-Pin M8 (SENERGY-Ai)
    Duty Cycle: 1.0 sec ON / 1.0 sec OFF minimum
    Continuous at rated load/current without overheating
    Boost-8 Mode Recommended

    Technical Data

    Nominal Output50W
    Rated current 3.5A (Boost and Boost-8)
    Starting current 5.0A (Boost), 8.0A (Boost-8)
    Ambient temperature -10 ~ 40°C (14 ~ 104°F) (No condensation) 
    Ambient humidity 10 ~ 90% RH (No condensation)

    Characteristics Data

    Roller Dia: 60.5 (2.38”)
    Nominal Gear RatioGear BoxGear Ratio
    Torque (N-m)Tangential Force (N)Current (A)
    RatedBoost StartingBoost-8 StartingRatedBoost StartingBoost-8 StartingRated (max)Boost StartingBoost-8 Starting
    8Reinforced 3 stage91.61.2 ~ 8.710.943.349.3362.31434.11630.
    15452.4 ~ 17.75.421.324.3178.5706.6803.3
    20333.3 ~ 24.23.915.617.7130.6517.2588.0
    Roller Dia: 63.5 (2.5”)
    Nominal Gear RatioGear BoxGear Ratio
    Torque (N-m)Tangential Force (N)Current (A)
    RatedBoost StartingBoost-8 StartingRatedBoost StartingBoost-8 StartingRated (max)Boost StartingBoost-8 Starting
    8Reinforced 3 stage91.61.3 ~ 9.210.943.349.3345.11366.31553.
    15452.6 ~ 18.65.421.324.3170.0673.2765.3
    20333.5 ~ 25.43.915.617.7124.4492.8560.2
    - Conformance: CE, RoHS, IP54
    - Certifications: ETL Listed to UL 1004-1 & UL 1004-6

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    Pallet Motor Roller Part Number Definition
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