• Safe and Efficient 24VDC power
  • Robust & Unique Gearbox Design with high efficiency to improve life expectancy
  • Move Up to 2700LBS
  • M8 - 4pin or JST connector for Simple and Reliable Installation, IP54

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Pallet Handling Motor Rollers


  • Senergy Engine Inside!
  • Compact Design
  • Up To 2700lbs
  • Dual Geared Pallet - Double the Torqe
  • 2.25 ,2 3/8 and 2.5"
  • M8 or JST Cabling for Simple Installation and Robust Cable Routing



PULSEROLLER’s Pallet Rollers were designed to replace the AC Motor mounted to the side of Pallet Conveyor.  Pulse Pallet Rollers can reach up to 70" betwen frame dimensions and drive up to 2700lbs of weight.  Speeds from 10M/ minute to 25M/ minute.  Pulse Pallet will use ConveyLinx or EZ24 high torque cards to provide you with the most current for the heavier loads.  

Attachments for the Pallet Drive include but not limited to Sprocket, Keyway, timing pulley and much more.

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