MotionLinx-IO is a field I/O device for EtherCAT high speed bus sytems.

MotionLinx-IO is our field I/O device for EtherCAT high speed bus sytems. and is the perfect compliment to the MotionLinx-Ai product with eight fully configurable I/O points. Configuration is accomplished via Service Data Objects (SDO) and no proprietary software is required. This product will seamlessly integrate into any EtherCAT installation offering great benefits and saving you on your bottom line.

Due to it's small footprint, MotionLinx-Ai can be integrated in virtually all environments extremely easy. MotionLinx-Ai shares the outer dimensions with ConveyLinx-Ai2 making it perfect for standardization on low height installations even if you need a protection rating of IP54.

MotionLinx-IO opens the world of deterministic high speed bus control to all PULSEROLLER products - sharing their great benefits like Ai technology, durability, and excellent design.
MotionLinx Ai
  • Fast integration
  • Super compact design
  • Fail safe Commissioning
  • Real time IO with fast communications
  • Low profile design
  • Eight configurable I/O Points with NPN/PNP logic
  • Standard I/O pin out
  • Seperate power supply for outputs
  • EtherCat network for a deterministic network

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  • Reduces Cost and Saves Time
  • Super Compact Design
  • Deterministic Network
  • Collects Important Information
  • Robust M8 Connections
  • CE ETL UL and IP54
  • Small and Simple

    MotionLinx I/O has a low profile so it can be easily integrated into virtually all environments. It’s configured via Service Data Objects (SDO), and does not require any proprietary software.

    - CE certified, RoHS compliant, IP54
    - ETL listed (UL 6101-2 & UL 61010-2-201)
    - UL recognized (UL 61800-5-1)
    - 4 M8 ports each with 2 configurable input or output points for a total of 8 I/O
    - 2 M8 ports utilize male pins and 2 M8 ports are female receptacles
    - 3-port Ethernet switch with standard RJ-45 sockets for easy daisy chaining of network cables from controller to controller
    - Module configuration parameters accessed via EtherCAT SDOs
    - I/O exchange with controller via EtherCAT PDOs
    - 6 tri-colored context sensitive LED indicators
    - Any or all of the 4 ports can be configured to accept push-pull type sensors

    Technical Data

    Input Voltage21 to 30VDC
    Input Current
    0.4mA is Maximum OFF current. 1.5mA is Minimum ON current.
    Output Current
    Maximum current per Output is 300mA
    • Robust and Unique Gearbox Design significantly improves life expectancy
    • Provides wide ranges of Speed and Power using Low Energy
    • JST Cabling for Simple Installation and Robust Cable Routing, IP54
    • CE Approved
    • ROHS Compliant
    • ETL Certified to UL Standards Available
    • IP54 & IP66 Ratings Available
    • ETL Certified to UL Standards Available
    • High Torque Rollers Available
    • Freezer and Wash-Down Rated Rollers Available
    • Mechanical Braking Available

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