EasyRoll Software- Advanced Drive Control


  • Quickly Configure and Diagnose
  • Global or Individual Adjustments
  • Simple Point and Click System Commissioning
  • Backup and Restore Systems


Overview of EasyRoll - Software For the Advanced Drive Control Solution

EasyRoll is the primary configuration tool for the high-end ConveyLinx controller. Quickly commission your system with a point and click of the mouse.  Enable great features using a checkbox, slider, or pull down menu only found in the ConveyLinx series of PULSEROLLER controls

Just  plug a PC into the first or last ConveyLinx card, execute the software, and effortlessly make whatever changes are needed such as motor speed, direction, ZPA mode, acceleration, deceleration, etc.  Do more with EasyRoll such as diagnosing issues, backing up and restoring, individual or global changes to the entire system all with a click of the mouse. The EasyRoll software tool has the simplistic user interface that every engineer or maintenance man needs while commissioning a system.

Configuration Tools

Online configuration, maintenance, and monitoring of your entire system without worrying about files. Just connect and configure.

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Diagnostic Tools

Monitor each card or your system for faults, voltage levels, Motor Roller Current, whether a sensor is blocked or cleared, and much much more.

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Advanced Tools

Advanced tools to make changes to control ports, sensor settings and timers, firmware upgrades, backing up or restoring entire system or just a single card, and enable special features only found with ConveyLinx.

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