ConveyLogix - Make Your Own!


  • Write Custom Programs
  • Download to ConveyLinx or ConveyNetIP to make them PLC’s
  • Ladder, Function Block, or Structured Text Available


Overview of ConveyLogix - Write your own Customized Logic!

ConveyLogix is very unique software tool for the Motor Roller Control and Zero Pressure Accumulation applications.  You have the ability to write your own custom code using ladder logic, structured text, or function block on compatible controls such as ConveyLinx or ConveyNetIP.  ConveyLogix also has many functions built in to allow you to directly control and receive feedback of a motor roller.  Imagine getting feedback of a motor position within millimeters, then use that data to position a motor with custom logic. Such control with a low voltage Motor Roller does not exist anywhere else.


Download your custom program to any compatible controller for a low cost PLC solution for control of diverters, pushers, transfers, stack lights, motor starters, and much more. ConveyLogix provides the option of using the default ZPA, general I/O, or as a full PLC.  Who else can give you this kind of control and options?


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