SENERGY Motor Roller





  • Robust and Unique Gearbox Design significantly improves life expectancy
  • Provides wide ranges of Speed and Power using Low Energy
  • JST Cabling for Simple Installation and Robust Cable Routing, IP54
  • CE Approved 
  • ROHS Compliant
  • ETL Certified to UL Standards Available
  • IP54 & IP66 Ratings Available
  • High Torque Rollers Available
  • Freezer and Wash-Down Rated Rollers Available
  • Mechanical Braking Available



The Senergy unique gearbox design and powerful brushless DC motor provides an extremely efficient means of delivering an amazing amount of torque and speed with the smallest amount of energy. Typically used in conveyors for Zero Pressure Accumulation or roller transportation. Senergy® Roller gearbox selection contains only 11 gearbox combinations to make ordering and keeping an inventory much more manageable. Senergy’s range and performance characteristics are suitable for speeds between 6 to 969fpm and starting torque up to an amazing 215 in/lbs.

Regardless of the project, type of conveyor, the weight or speed of the load you really only need one type of roller. SENERGY.