Pulse Geared Drive

  • Senergy Engine with 24VDC power
  • Efficient, Powerful Motor provides large ranges of speed and power
  • Compact Design for mounting Under Rollers or In Complex mechanisms
  • Options such as keyway, sprocket, timing pulley and more for Special Applications

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Pulse Geared Drive


  • Senergy Engine Inside!
  • Compact Design
  • Optional & Custom Attachments
  • Drop In Replacement For AC Geared Motors
  • Powerful and Efficient Motor gives a greater range of Speed & Power
  • RoHS Compliant, CE Certified, IP54 Rated


Overview of Pulse Geared Drive

PULSEROLLER’s Pulse Geared Drive was designed for those applications that require Senergy’s awesome power, efficiency and reliability in an extremely compact form while still delivering the outstanding features of PULSEROLLER controls capabilities. Imagine the form factor of a high voltage AC Motor/Gearbox combination in a much more compact low voltage version.  That is the Pulse Geared motor!  Because the Pulse Geared Drive uses the same Engine as Senergy, you still have all the same great benefits and features of Senergy in a smaller and more compact form factor.  Place it under the Conveyor or use it for a complex conveyor such as a Transfer or Turntable and it becomes clear that Pulse Geared Drive is satisfying a huge demand.

Although the image above shows the standard form of Pulse Geared Motors, we offer many attachment options such as Keyway, Sprocket, Timing Pulley and many more.


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