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ConveyLinx Networked Drive Control

ConveyLinx is our advanced high-end networked motor drive controller which provides many innovative features for zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) or ANY application utilizing low voltage brushless DC motors.


ConveyLinx gives you in-depth control of virtually every possible motor driven roller (MDR) and gear drive application in use today. Out of the box, it functions as a zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) controller for either two PULSEROLLER Senergy motor rollers or two of our Pulse Gear Drives. This is accomplished by connecting two drive motors, two sensors, supplementary I/O, and standard Cat5 shielded ethernet cable to the next downstream card.

To configure our standard ConveyLinx control, you go to the most upstream module, and simply press the Install button on the module to begin the installation process.

When it comes to more complex conveyors, ConveyLinx can be directly connected to most major brand PLC's using Ethernet-I/P, Profinet-I/O, Modbus-TCP, or CC-Link IE Field Basic protocols.  All required interface and configuration files are available for download.  Even though a PLC is not required for ZPA operation, a PLC can connect to any module in ZPA mode and provide supervisory control.  The ConveyLinx module takes care of the local sensor and motor logic while the PLC can issue commands to accumulate, receive notification of product arrival, issue release commands, and dynamically change motor speeds at specific zones.

The module can also be placed into PLC I/O mode which suspends the ZPA logic and allows the PLC to have access to to all connected I/O and motors which effectively turns the module into a remote I/O block with control for two motors.  With this capability you can use the ConveyLinx network to operate various ancillary equipment such as pushers, mergers, transfers, and diverts.  Any given system can contain a mix of ConveyLinx modules in both ZPA Mode and PLC I/O Mode

ConveyLinx also supports internal data tracking for your ZPA system.  Tracking data can be passed from zone to zone automatically as product travels down the conveyor system. If there are complex mechanical control on the conveyor such as pushers, transfers, mergers, or diverters, you can use the internal tracking to make the appropriate decision.

Our software tool, ConveyLogix, allows you to create your own customized programs and download directly into ConveyLinx for control of all motors and I/O, effectively transforming the module into a fully functional PLC. This type of control makes it perfect for controlling the more complex mechanical devices on a system without the use of another PLC.

Even though ConveyLinx retains all settings and adjustments in its internal non volatile memory;  once you have fully configured and adjusted your system with EasyRoll, you can create a backup file containing all the settings and save it to you PC.  This backup file can be used to restore a given system back to its last known good operating state just in case something was unwittingly changed or modified.

  • 24V motor drive roller (MDR) control system
  • Two zones per module reduces cost and time
  • Simple Installation
  • Ethernet network protocols for all major PLC suppliers
  • High torque rated modules available
  • Freezer rated modules available
  • Accommodates mechanical brake roller option
  • ODVA Ethernet I/P conformance tested
  • PROFINET IO conformance tested
  • ZPA logic built-in for quick installation
  • On-board programming available for specialized applications
MotionLinx Ai
MotionLinx Ai
Conveylinx Optional ETL
Conveylinx Hardware Overview

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  • Reduces Cost and Saves Time
  • Super Compact Design
  • Deterministic Network
  • Collects Important Information
  • Robust M8 Connections
  • CE ETL UL and IP54
  • ConveyLinx Drawings
    ConveyLinx HTF Drawings
    SE Module Drawings
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    PLC Files
    ODVA Firmware

    ConveyLinx gives you in-depth control of virtually every possible motor driven roller (MDR) application in use today.  It can also be connected to most major brand PLC's using EthernetI/P, ProfiNet I/O, Modbus-TCP, or CC-Link IE Field Basic with all required support files available for download here.  Once a PLC is connected, ConveyLinx can be configured to take control over every zone in the conveyor system.  The technology you use makes a difference.  Ensure the conveyor company uses technology that’s configurable, proven, highly customizable, low cost, and efficient.

    Gives You Complete Control Over the System

    ConveyLinx offers the user three levels of control. The first is default ZPA mode, which allows basic control over motor speed, zone accumulation, internal tracking and zone communication. Even though ConveyLinx has control over the local logic so a PLC is not required for operation; you can still connect a PLC and provide supervisory controls.  Second is is PLC I/O mode, in which the card’s default internal logic program is suspended, allowing a PLC to connect and take full control of the card’s I/O and registers. This mode effectively turns the card into a motor starter and I/O block. Third, the card’s internal logic can be suspended, and an operator can use ConveyLogix software to create customized programs with direct download to the ConveyLinx controller. This allows an operator to control all motors and I/O, effectively transforming the module into a fully functional PLC. This type of control makes it perfect for controlling the more complex mechanical devices on a system without the use of another PLC.  

    - CE Certified, RoHS Compliant. IP20
    - Option for ETL Listed (UL 6101-2 & UL 61010-2-201)
    - Provides control for 1 or 2 ZPA Zones or acts as an 8 In /2 Out Dual Motor control remote I/O unit to a PLC 
    - Auto detection of PNP or NPN sensors and light/dark operate when configured for ZPA control
    - Single push-button Auto-Configuration from a single controller to configure up to 221 controllers on a network
    - 3-Port Ethernet switch with standard RJ-45 ports for easy daisy chaining of network cables from controller
     to controller
    - 9 Pin JST style header socket for motor connection
    - Thermal and overload motor protection plus optional Proportional-Integral regulated motor speed control
    - 4 RJ-11/12 ports for easy plug and play connections for sensors and interlock signals
    - 8 Tri-colored context sensitive LED indicators
    - Recognizes Ethernet I/P, Modbus TCP, Profinet I/O, and CC-Link IE Field Basic protocols on the same controller
    - Motor speed and ramp parameters and ZPA adjustments accessible with EasyRoll Configuration Software
    - User programmable functionality available with ConveyLogix Software (see for details)

    Technical Data

    Input Voltage18 to 28VDC
    Input Power
    NEC Class II Certified
    Rated Motor Output Current
    2.5A x 2 (ECO), 3.5A x 2 (Boost and Boost-8)
    Available Starting Current3.0A x 2 (ECO), 5.0A x 2 (Boost), 8.0A x 2 (Boost-8 HTF Only)

    Characteristics data

    *Rated torque and rated tangential force of BOOST-8 are the same value as BOOST.*BOOST-8 performance is available with EZ-24HTB and ConveyLinx HTF card only
    Speed codeGear boxGear ratioECO modeBOOST & BOOST-8 mode
    Torque (in-lbf)Tangential force (lbf)Current (A)Speed
    Torque (in-lbf)Tangential force (lbf)Current (A)
    RatedStartingRatedStartingRated (max)StartingRatedBOOST StartingBOOST-8 StartingRatedBOOST StartingBOOST-8 StartingRated (max)BOOST StartingBOOST-8 Starting
    153 stage45.006.4 ~ 64.726.2145.027.4151. ~ 46.847.4189.1215.049.9197.7224.
    2033.008.8 ~ 88.319.2106.220.1111.08.8 ~ 63.934.9138.4157.436.5144.7164.5
    2527.0010.7 ~ 107.815.787.016.490.910.7 ~ 77.928.6113.5129.029.9118.6134.8
    352 stage18.3315.8 ~ 159.010.659.011.161.615.8 ~ 115.019.476.987.420.380.491.4
    4515.0019.2 ~ 194.08.748.39.150.519.2 ~ 140.315.963.071.616.665.974.9
    6011.0026.3 ~ 285.06.435.46.737.028.3 ~ 191.611.646.152.412.148.254.8
    759.0032.1 ~ 323. ~ 233.89.537.843.09.939.544.9
    951 stage6.818242.3 ~ 426.73.921.94.122.942.3 ~ 308.67.228.632.57.529.934.0
    1255.0057.7 ~ 581.92.916.13.016.857.7 ~ 420.85.321.023.85.521.924.9
    1753.666778.8 ~ 794. ~ 574.83.815.317.
    2153.0096.2 ~ 969. ~ 701.33.112.614.33.313.114.9

    All Protocol Logos.png

    Certifications:CC Link IE Field Basic
    - CE Certified, RoHS Compliant. IP20
    - Option for ETL Listed (UL 6101-2 & UL 61010-2-201)

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