SE Module - Break Out Connection Board


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Overview of SE Module - Accessory for ConveyLinx

We want you to have our products up and running as quickly as possible.  That is why we use standard RJ12 (phone) jacks to plug in the "Zone Present" sensor of your accumulation conveyor.  However, there are times when you need access to the I/O of the ConveyLinx system. For that purpose we offer,  the ERCS-SE* breakout modules.  They provide a convenient way to access that I/O in the Sensor and Control Ports.  

Besides accessing the I/O, this breakout module also does much more in the background.   Output signals can be amplified to power devices such as Solnoids, contactors and more.  The I/O without the amplification only provides enough current to signal a PLC that an output is present.  With this card, you will be able to use the ports to also control  motor starters, solenoids, stack lights, and much more.

There are also jumper diodes in place to protect you from feedback from the circuits,  and a time relay to ensure that I/O is not energized until the module is fully up and running.  Please see the side bar for downloads, drawings, and specifications of the latest SE module.


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