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Overview of Accessories 

PULSEROLLER offers many accessories designed or sourced specifically for our Motor Driven Roller and Zero Pressure Accumulation Control Technologies.  PULSEROLLER can offer just about everything except the Side Frame of an MDR System.  Please review for more details of all the Accessories which are in stock or ready to be manufactured.


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Breakout Boards

The SE4 Breakout Modules obviously provide a means to break out the RJ12 Connector, but you may not know it does a couple other functions as well.

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Extension Cables

Extension cables provide at a low cost for those Motor Rollers that need to be a little longer.

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MDR|Power is a pre-engineered power supply that affords an economical means of providing power to the Control and Roller products.

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ConveySense is the perfect low cost sensing solution for 24VDC conveyor using Motorized Drive Rollers.

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