IQ-Zonz Software Tool


  • Quickly Diagnose Issues
  • Simple User Interface
  • Speed Control, Accumulate, and Other via Software Dip Switch

Overview of IQ-Tool - The Simple Tool for Simple ZPA Control

IQ-Tool is an extremely easy to use optional software package for the IQZonz mid-range accumulation conveyor control technology.  The unique setup process with IQ-Zonz leaves a minimal requirement for any type of set-up software.   This tool allows you to make speed changes, and acceleration/ deceleration rates which may differ from the default.  IQ-Tool can be used to change from the default operation of singulation release to train release for a group of zones or an entire conveyor line

IQ-Tool is a simple software download. Once installed on your PC, an ICON will appear in the start-bar when the PC is connected via an ethernet cable to any IQZonz module or group of modules. When clicking on the IQ-Tool ICON, a simple application will open, allowing the user to make changes to the operation of the IQ-Zonz modules.Changes may be made to single zones or groups of zones.


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