IQ-Zonz - Mid-Level Zero Pressure Controller


  • IQ-Zonz Provides Drives 2 Motors to Maximize Savings
  • ZPA Logic is Built-In to Save Time On Commissioning
  • Controls the Senergy Motor in “ECO” Mode
  • Module is Self-Configuring and Set Up Is Automated
  • Single Page Configuration Software (IQTool) to Change Default Settings If Desired
  • Standard Ethernet Cables for Connection Module-to-Module


Overview of IQ-Zonz - Simple Mid-Level ZPA Controller

IQ-Zonz is the latest controller technology created entirely from customer feedback.  IQ-Zonz is a mid-range controller designed to quickly commission a standard Zero Pressure Accumulation conveyor without any software.  IQ-Zonz automatically sets the direction of Senergy Motor Rollers to match the desired flow. Two Senergy Motor Rollers and two Sensor connections are present to control two zones of zero pressure accumulation conveyor.

Mount the module without tools by snapping into four (4) round holes. Simply mount the module with the direction arrows facing the direction of travel for the flow of product, connect Senergy motors and zone sensors, apply 24 volt power, and the conveyor is automatically running in ZPA mode.  IQ-Zonz automatically determines the necessary settings based on the way the modules are connected. Wake-up and Line Full interlocks can be added to upstream and downstream devices or conveyors, using the IQMap module to automatically create the interface.  Please see IQ-Map page for more information.


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