EZ24 Family - Simple Drive Control





  • 24V Motor Drive Roller (MDR) Controller
  • Analog Input and Pulsating Output
  • Overview of ConveyBlox - Advanced  Control Solution


Overview of EZ24 Family - Simple Drive Control

The EZ-24, EZ-24HTB, and EZ-24HTBS motor driver modules each provide full featured brushless DC motor commutation in a convenient package.

EZ-24 modules provide control for all PULSEROLLER motor rollers except the Brake Motors (20W, 28W, 35W, 50W and Senergy ECO mode and Senergy Boost mode).

EZ-24HTB and EZ24-HTBS feature high torque motor control for all PULSEROLLER motors as well as Senergy ECO mode, Boost mode, and Boost-8 mode.  The 35W and Senergy electro-mechanical brake motors, may also be controlled.

The entire EZ-24 family also provides: multiple electronic braking functions, speed selections, acceleration and deceleration control, direction control and   0-10 volt analog speed command capability.


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