ConveyStop Software- Early Warning Stop for ZPA


  • Reduced Wire Cost
  • Zone Stops For Multiple Areas
  • Quickly Configure the System

Overview of ConveyStop - Advanced Stop Control for ZPA

ConveyStop software tool activates the ConveyLinx system to be aware of and trigger any stop conditions. Connect one or multiple stop/reset buttons up to any ConveyLinx control port, configure the software tool, and ConveyLinx takes care of the rest.  ConveyLinx will alert every module on the system via ethernet that either a stop or a network disconnect has occurred. During that time, all movement ceases and a snapshot of all data is taken.  This snapshot will reveal any product in between zones, sensors being active, tracking numbers, and much more.  Once recovered from the stopped state, ConveyLinx resumes as if nothing had ever happened.

ConveyStop’s unique ability to allow grouped stop zones gives you the opportunity to maintain production flow in areas where a stop is not active.  Imagine your savings by having all stop information pushed over an ethernet wire instead of to hundreds of wires in a centralized location!

Feel free to download the trial version of ConveyStop on the right to give it a try.  If you like it or would like more information to activate more than the 5 nodes the trial version offers please click the contact us below.


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