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  • Many Software Tools for Different Functions.
  • Adjusting Setting or Programming PLC’s
  • All Software and Update at No Cost


Overview of Software Solutions

PULSEROLLER provides a collection of software tools which allow you to quickly develop, diagnose, and configure any controls on a motor roller conveyor. These tools are continually being updated to provide a quick, simple, and effective means of commissioning a system.  We understand that the longer you are in the field, the less profitable it becomes for you.  This philosophy has defined how all of our software tools are developed. 

Most tools are “configurable” and minimalistic with checkboxes, sliders, and drop down boxes to customize your Zero Pressure Accumulation system.  Should more customization be required, we offer tools for customized logic using ladder, structured text, or function blocks for your personnel to implement. This customization process gives you options to quickly complete your project on time and under budget.

For instance, EasyRoll gives you the ability make quick edits, enable great features, diagnose an issue, or restore and backup a system. Other software allows an engineer to commission a full system from the convenience of the office. Software tools for monitoring and diagnosing issues as quickly and efficiently as possible make sure your time can be spent on other things.  Quickly commission any system from the most complex to a simple zero pressure accumulation system.


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EasyRoll is the primary configuration tool for the high-end ConveyLinx controller. Quickly commission your system with a point and click of the mouse.

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IQTool is an extremely easy to use optional software package for the IQZonz mid-range accumulation conveyor control technology.

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ConveyStop software tool activates the ConveyLinx system to be aware of and trigger any stop conditions.

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