Controls Overview


  • 24V Motor Drive Roller (MDR) control system
  • 1 or 2- Zones per Control Module
  • Compact and Clean Design
  • Choices of Simple, Mid-Level or Advanced Drive Cards
  • Simple Installation and Quick Commissioning


Overview of Control Solutions

PULSEROLLER controls deliver proven and predictable performance, reliability, and staggering diagnostics & controls ability over the life of the product. PULSEROLLER engineers have developed and created many safe and reliable low voltage solutions which allow you to maximize the efficiency and performance of your motor roller conveyor or machine application. The wide breadth of our offerings includes products to fit most conveyor applications to ensure you’re not paying more than required.

These multiple levels of control solutions are a result of years of market knowledge, hundreds of interviews with the conveyor OEM’s, and practical experience working in the trenches: engineering, commissioning and installing all types of applications. PULSEROLLER offers you choices by offering products such as simple drive cards, mid-level controllers only for ZPA (Zero Pressure Accumulation), and controllers with built-in ZPA that can double as a PLC with its own custom logic software all the while communicating to most brands of Ethernet PLC’s and PC’s. PULSEROLLER is quite literally the only motor roller and controls manufacturer to offer such a wide range of powerful controls for any of your applications.

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