Pat's Technical Corner:

Calculating Inches/Pulse For Senergy Drives

There are times when you will want to use ConveyLinx and Senergy for more refined motion.  With PULSEROLLER Drives you do have repeatable linear motion at a pretty fine (

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Closing the Loop

We like car analogies so I'll start out this discussion with one. What happens when you're going 45mph with the Cruise Control set and begin ascending up a hill? Well, as you drive up that hill your car will require extra power(torque) or it will naturally begin to slow down. As you start slowing down your car's cruise control feature recognizes

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Frequent Encounters with ConveyLinx

I recently sat down with our support/engineering team to discuss frequent encounters with customers using ConveyLinx. Let me start by saying the most important thing when commissioning a ConveyLinx system is the initial configuration. As most of you know, the Auto-Configuration starts the process of creating a linear Zero Pressure system. This

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Reversing Zero Pressure Accumulation

Conveylinx's EasyRoll Software has many features and one of those is to transform (insert cool Transformers sound here) standard Zero Pressure Accumulation into "Bi-Directional or Reversing Conveyor". This beneficial feature can be found in the ConveyLinx Advanced Dialog under the tab "Look Ahead and Timing".

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Introducing ConveyLogix

With ConveyLogix, you can write your own ladder diagram or structured text logic code that has direct access to the ConveyLinx module's port I/O and motor control. You essentially have an 8 input, 2 logical output, and 2 full functioning BLDC motor connections all on one programmable module.

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